Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

The aim is to empower each person with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive regardless of whether times are easy or tough.

Burnout and Stress Syndrome is the corporate epidemic of our times and the primary cause for absenteeism in the developed world.

Our “Executive Endurance” is one of the few results-based programs; it both educates executives regarding the facts about this syndrome, and also evaluates each person’s level of stress and/or burnout. We then proceed to work on personalised solutions for prevention. In cases where individuals are actually experiencing burnout, we provide recovery retreats followed by tailored solutions that prevent recurrence.

This unique program focuses on how to deal with the unavoidable effects of stress in today’s corporate world in a realistic, manageable, and sustainable way, and to maintain optimum health, energy, and well being as an individual and as a professional. It helps companies avoid the great financial loss that is currently the result of absenteeism, decrease in productivity, and the interpersonal issues that are directly attributed to Burnout.

    Main topics of focus:

  • The facts about Burnout and Stress Syndrome – its effects on the company, the careers, and the individuals.
  • Identifying signs and symptoms. Prevention is always better than the cure.
  • Self-evaluation tools to prevent the problems before they occur.
  • Addressing the vital areas for long-term balance, and sustainability; where you find yourself currently; what your strong and potentially weak points are.
  • Simple, bespoke long-term solutions taking into account one´s character, job, responsibilities, and preferences.
  • Defining your commitments to realistic short and long-term steps for balance and sustainability.

    Who will benefit:

  • CEOs, doctors, politicians, and anyone in demanding leadership positions, who wish to maximize their effect and power.
  • All senior executive teams and middle management teams.
  • Executives in those companies undergoing major changes or challenges.
  • Executives and professionals concerned with long-term sustainability in a high-paced and turbulent corporate world.
  • Anyone beginning to feel the strain of the demanding professional environment.

    Value and expected outcomes:

  • Knowledge about the effects of stress and imbalance on you company, career, health, and personal life.
  • Clear focus on what you need so as to achieve long-term sustainability while performing at your maximum level.
  • All the information and tools necessary for continued high-level corporate success, optimum energy, and fulfilment.
  • Personalised solutions for prevention or for reversing any potential problems.
  • The knowledge necessary to help identify signs of Burnout or Stress syndrome in colleagues, employees, or family.
  • Commitments for realistic step-by-step changes in your life.
  • Follow-up plan to ensure lasting and tangible results.