Corporate Offsite Retreats

Our exclusive offsites can be either part of a full corporate development program, or may be chosen as stand-alone modules.

These unique experiences take place in some of the most peaceful and beautiful natural settings in Europe, which are selected to fit the needs of the companies and teams involved.

Offsite retreats VS in-house

Full corporate programs include both in-house and offsite segments. For in-depth, concentrated work, with effective results we work best away from our everyday environment. This allows us to disconnect from daily stress and responsibilities – learning is reinforced when we disengage, focus our minds, and recharge our mental batteries.

Fully Tailored Content

All packages are specifically designed to match the needs of each group of executives and fit the specific necessities of the company. Our work is based on in-depth learning, achieving results, ensuring continuity, and follow-up.

The Offsite Experience

ORAMIQUE’s corporate retreats stand out both due to their content and (equally as important) because of the vibrant energy of Team ORAMIQUE. From the moment of your arrival, you are welcomed into a warm, supportive, and positive environment. This generates the perfect setting for team bonding and individual growth. Part of our focus concerns balance, therefore our offsites are not just educational; they are also exhilarating, energising and fun.

Outdoor Activities

Exercise, adventure, surprise, and challenge.

We enjoy the stunning natural settings daily. Many of our workshops are held outdoors, and exercise is part of the daily routine. The outdoor activities are designed to meet the needs and abilities of each individual within the group.

Menus to make you smile

Food is not just a detail – it plays an integral part of ORAMIQUE’s offsites. Just as in every other area of our work, our menus are tailor-made to suit the program, your team, and each person. The food is healthy, delicious, abundant, and balanced, and mealtimes are fun.

Rest & Relaxation

We always guarantee luxury in tune with the natural environment. We work with small boutique hotels, resorts and deluxe lodging which provide simple elegance, and radiate positive energy.