A one-of-a-kind gem

ORAMIQUE’s executive re-boot camp is an elite, intensive, challenging and extremely effective offsite retreat for leaders of the highest level. This four-day complete detachment from the demands of your workspace, will help you re-establish balance, resilience and re-gain the extreme focus and drive necessary for sustainability and fulfilment.

Professional balance and wellbeing

You are not just escaping your usual frantic routine: it is during our exclusive and highly tailored retreat, that you are given the opportunity to regain concentration, put everything back in perspective, start thriving and appreciating all you have achieved. Our Re-boot Camp is the ideal way to start living life to the fullest all over again.

You are used to facing challenges in your professional path. Our Re-boot Camp experience though, will challenge you in completely different areas.

Executives, CEOs and leaders of the highest level should expect to be asked for commitment. As Team ORAMIQUE, we will encourage them to truly step out of their comfort zones, so as to be able to break down the barriers that are holding them back, and develop the areas they need to thrive sustainably.

Financial Wellbeing

An important determinant of personal/professional balance and mental wellbeing is feeling in control of one’s financial destiny. Developing a basic understanding and framework for financial outcomes, will allow you to better determine the overall direction of your financial future. This will enhance the feeling of control, and will thereby remove money as a source of anxiety and stress.

The Executive Re-boot Camp is the optimal way to achieve and maintain peak performance in the workplace and combine it with finding joy and fulfillment, away from it.

Who will benefit:

  • CEOs, politicians, high-level professionals.
  • Anyone in demanding leadership positions, who wishes to realign their professional reality, with their future security and fulfillment.
  • Leaders concerned with long-term sustainability in a high-paced and turbulent corporate world.
  • Anyone beginning to feel the strain of the demanding professional environment, and the financial anxieties that come with it.

Main topics of focus:

  • Assessing and addressing the vital areas for long-term balance, and sustainability; where you find yourself currently; what your strong and potentially weak points are.
  • Identifying what works in your life, and where you may be stagnating – then developing realistic tools that will work for you.
  • The facts about Burnout and Stress Syndrome – its effects on your career, your health, happiness, and on your family.
  • Self-evaluation tools to prevent the problems before they occur.
  • Simple, bespoke long-term solutions taking into account your character, job, responsibilities, and preferences.
  • Defining your commitments to realistic short and long-term steps for balance and sustainability.
  • Removing finance as a major source of worry and stress – finding the solutions that best fit your situation.

Value and expected outcomes:

  • Clarity as to your situation regarding balance, risk of burnout, and areas of stagnation.
  • Alignment of professional goals with the need to enjoy both work, and life outside the office.
  • Knowledge about the effects of stress and imbalance on your life and career.
  • Clear focus on what you need so as to achieve long-term sustainability while performing at your maximum level.
  • Personalised tools and solutions for prevention or for reversing any potential problems due to overwork and stress.
  • Commitments for realistic step-by-step changes in your life.
  • A personalised follow-up plan to ensure long-term results.
  • The knowledge necessary to make informed decisions regarding your financial future and security.