Essential transformation group retreats

At a crossroads in your personal or professional life? Ready for a change in direction? Want to develop your strengths and self-confidence and achieve your maximum potential in all areas of your life?

Essential Transformation is an exclusive, intensive and demanding systemic program that will assist you in discovering who you really are: your strengths and weaknesses, your passions, and your dreams.

In this powerful, positive, and interactive program each participant will begin a journey of self-discovery, and will learn and practice some of the most important steps for discovering his/her strengths and passions. The variety and availability of individual coaching sessions ensures a personalised approach for each. Every single person will be encouraged to take an honest look at their lives and evaluate how they feel about the various aspects of it, thus beginning to address, which areas need development.

Build self-confidence

Surpass your own expectations

Take yourself past your perceived limits

Prove to yourself that you can

Open yourself to joy

The challenging and exhilarating outdoor activities will help to release pent up stress, thus helping you bring down barriers, and let go of old frustrations.

Take yourself far out of your comfort zone: Essential Transformation is an in-depth personal development course, offering a balance between one-on-one sessions, group sessions, workshops, and discussion groups as well as activities designed to facilitate self-analysis, awareness, focus, and self-confidence.

The program is tailored to each group and each individual specifically. The overall inputs and objectives will be consistent with this unique overall approach. At ORAMIQUE, we have thought of all aspects necessary for you to pursue your aspirations:

One on One:
One – or as required two – private sessions aimed at self-analysis and goal setting.

Personal & Interpersonal Excellence:
Focusing on how to achieve your maximum potential and develop a positive attitude in order to better handle and overcome all manner of obstacles. It is in this section where we deal with developing interpersonal relations via Personal Excellence.

Think Positive:
Shows participants the importance of developing a positive attitude to life, and gives them the daily tools with which to do so.

Focuses on handling strengths vs. weaknesses and helps participants analyse their own particular direction.

Facing and Overcoming Fears and Doubts:
Helps individuals evaluate risks and find the balance to face their worries or uncertainties.

Move or Die:
Addresses the importance of exercise in our lives and the positive effect it has on our mental stability, self-esteem, and professional performance.

One of the strongest tools for achieving your goals. We show you the way.

You Are What You Eat and Drink:
The importance of health in our professional performance and personal wellbeing.

The Others in Your World:
How others fit into our lives and how they affect us.

Our retreats take place in some of the most peaceful and inspiring natural settings in Europe. We enjoy the stunning settings daily, offering tailor-made outdoor activities to meet the needs and abilities of each group. Nutrition plays an important part in our offsites; therefore, food is healthy, delicious, abundant, and balanced! Rest and free time are vital for our balance, since they are the ideal ways in which to disconnect, focus the mind, and recharge. Learning is reinforced when you are able to completely disconnect. The deepest work needs nourishment: peace, tranquillity, and the balance of your environment. When it comes to Lodging, we guarantee natural luxury, simple, elegant, and radiating positive energy.

Make no mistake. Essential Transformation represents the perfect way to re-focus and take life in your own hands, so as to take the next great step.