Running Camps

Oramique Running Camps

Running IS for everyone and Team ORAMIQUE is here to show you the way.

Regardless of how busy you may be, how little free time you may have, if you are starting from zero, one of our five Running Camps will more than likely suit your needs.

ORAMIQUE Running Camp Menu:
  • Start to Run: Running camps for beginners
  • Essential Running: How to take your running to the next level (10k to Marathon runners)
  • Essential Endurance: Going the extra mile (half marathon to ultra)
  • The Executive Extra Mile: Running for high level professionals
  • From the Board Room to the starting line: Women executives

ORAMIQUE’s Running Camps introduce you to all things regarding long-term healthy and enjoyable running: they have been designed to help runners reach their maximum potential and their goals without injury or disappointment.

We work on base training, psychological preparation, strategy, injury avoidance, nutrition, hydration, and the importance of rest and recuperation. Our team is here to assist you all the way, while showing each person how to listen to their body and gain the maximum from this fabulous sport.

Under the guidance of Alex Panayotou – one of only a handful women globally to complete ultra-distance running challenges – you too can develop in your running, so it benefits your life and improves your physical and mental health, as well as your professional performance.

Our camps offer options for people of all levels of fitness and devotion to running, who want to:
  • Gain a better balance in their lives
  • Improve their health and fitness
  • Achieve and maintain their optimal weight
  • Improve their racing times and distances
  • Avoid injuries
  • Improve their professional performance
  • Gain more creativity and happiness
  • Simply have fun running

All our camps are fun, unforgettable, shared experiences.

The locations are always selected with the routes and best possible enjoyment from the training sessions in mind. You will be welcomed to a paradise for any nature-loving sports person.

Runners will enjoy every aspect of their stay; they will experience memorable training runs, and will leave with a totally new approach to successful and enjoyable running, while having enjoyed the rest and relaxation time to the full.

Depending on the Camp of your choice, Theory Sessions may include:

  • Introduction/Orientation
  • Personal Excellence
  • Base Training
  • Mental Preparation
  • Top Strategy
  • Nutrition, Hydration, & Supplementation
  • Pitfalls in Sports
  • Long-term Planning
  • In-depth Health for Endurance
  • Balancing sports in your life
  • From Jimmy Choos to Running Shoes
  • Off with the tie and on with the sneakers
  • Strong, not just skinny
  • Running as parallel milestones to your long-term development

So, stop looking for excuses for not doing things, find reasons to do them!